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CSA Group: Holding the future to a higher standard

September 16, 2021

CSA Group: Holding the future to a higher standard

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SCC collaborates with Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), which specialize in the development of standards. CSA Group, an SCC-accredited SDO, shares how their work helps ensure emerging technologies across multiple sectors are implemented in a safe and efficient way.

For over 100 years, CSA Group has been dedicated to safety, sustainability, and social good. From the first standard for steel railway bridges, published in 1921, CSA Group grew into an internationally respected Standards Development Organization. Together with our 10,000+ volunteer members, we stand behind 3,000 standards and codes that help improve safety, health, the environment, and economic growth in Canada and beyond. From construction to power generation, information and communication technology, and health care, we strive to make sure that both established technologies and emerging innovations are implemented in a safe and efficient way.

Building a modern and accessible world

Our standards help design and construct safe, energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure that are also resilient to the effects of climate change. They also help engineers transition towards more efficient design methods and emerging technologies, including modular construction.

But CSA Group construction standards address more than materials, procedures and safety. We have also set requirements for barrier-free design, helping improve the lives of people with disabilities and increase access to the community.

From Electrical Safety to the Information Technology Revolution

Since the first 1927 Canadian Electrical Code, CSA Group has been a pioneer in the electrical safety of our homes, workplaces and products. Now in its 25th edition, the Code remains our most widely used standard, supporting renewable power generation, climate change adaptation, and the implementation of new technologies.

As digital devices and tools have become an indelible part of daily life, CSA Group has developed standards for information and communication technology (ICT), personal information and privacy, as well as cybersecurity. Recently, we initiated the development of a standard for software and cybersecurity evaluation. It will utilize a maturity model to evaluate product cybersecurity integrity throughout its lifecycle.

Promoting safe and responsible approach to natural resources

With Canada’s abundant natural resources, CSA Group has worked diligently to develop standards that promote safety across the oil and gas sector. Since the publication of our first oil pipeline systems standards in 1967, our scope has expanded significantly. The portfolio now addresses complex and evolving needs of the industry, including security management, emergency preparedness and response, and other areas. CSA standards also provide guidance on best practices for using alternative fuels for consumer and commercial appliances and clean transportation.

Helping protect our environment

At CSA Group, we are well aware that with continuing climate change, it is no longer enough for energy sources to be plentiful and affordable. They need to be created, stored, and used in ways that lead to substantially reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 1998, we published North America’s first fuel cell standard. Now, 25 years later, these efforts extend to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, hydrogen, wind and solar energy, and other areas of clean technology. And in 2010, CSA Group published the world’s first carbon capture and storage standard.

But climate change is not slowing down. Canadians must already deal with its negative impacts. That’s why in 2017, in collaboration with the National Research Council, CSA Group embarked on an ambitious new initiative. Our goal is to incorporate strategies for addressing climate change into existing and new standards, codes and guidelines.

Standards play a critical role in our Health Care
Technological advances drive changes not only in industry, they also have profound effects on health care. CSA Group has long addressed the use of technology in this area, helping to promote safety, establish consistency, and enable innovation. This includes standards related to medical devices, organs for transplantation, and the planning, design and construction of health care facilities.

Expanding safety to all aspects of our workplaces
Most adults spend the better part of their days at work. CSA Group has long developed standards to help ensure our workplaces are safe and healthy. Today, more than 115 CSA standards address topics from personal protective equipment (PPE) to elevation hazards and workplace electrical safety.

And our standards go beyond physical worker safety. Recognizing that overall well-being is critical to organizational success, in 2013, CSA Group published the first national standard addressing psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Investing in tomorrow

At CSA Group, we want to make sure that we keep providing guidance through the new challenges and disruptive technologies of our increasingly complex world. CSA Group’s research has resulted in a substantial portfolio of thought-provoking and diverse studies. They help us develop standards that are informed and supported by science.

CSA Group has always believed that our member expertise, research findings, and 100 years of knowledge should be shared with others. We are proud to be a major educator in the application of standards and, whenever possible, offer no-fee view access to our standards solutions.

Visit CSA Group’s website to learn more.