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October 7, 2020

The Standards Council of Canada marks 50th Anniversary

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For fifty years, SCC’s work has helped drive Canada’s health, well-being and economic prosperity


Today, October 7, 2020, marks the Standards Council of Canada’s (SCC) 50th Anniversary as Canada’s respected voice and advisor for standards and accreditation nationally and internationally. To recognize this milestone, we are launching a 50th Anniversary program and a modernized brand that will lead SCC into its next 50 years.

Whether it’s the food we eat, the products and technologies we use, or the homes we live in, every aspect of our lives is touched by standards. Since the signing of the Standards Council of Canada Act on October 7, 1970, SCC has been promoting the development of effective and efficient standards that protect the health, safety and well-being of Canadians while helping businesses prosper. For fifty years, we have built relationships, promoted Canadian priorities, and connected our stakeholders to global networks and resources.

“SCC is proud to recognize our long history of positive impact to improve Canadian’s quality of life and economic prosperity. This year, we are highlighting both the contributions of SCC and of our partners of the Canadian standardization system such as standards development organizations, provincial and territorial governments, Canadian businesses, regulators, Canadian experts, conformity assessment bodies and others,” says Chantal Guay, Chief Executive Officer. “Our modernized SCC brand honours our history, reflects who SCC is now and looks to the future. Our new logo features interlocked shapes that represent collaboration and harmonization, themes that are at the core of the work we do.”

As Canada’s leading accreditation organization, SCC ensures conformity assessment bodies meet the highest national and international standards. Accreditation helps to underpin the credibility, safety and performance of goods and services. This year with COVID-19, our agility to respond and adapt to changing environments has been more important than ever. Without standards and conformity assessment, industry would have taken much longer to either readjust production lines or meet the demand for personal protective equipment.

“For 50 years, SCC has helped Canadian businesses succeed by breaking down trade barriers and providing them with opportunities at home and on the global stage. SCC has been instrumental in enabling many Canadian businesses to access relevant standards so they could pivot to support efforts to supply personal protective equipment,” says the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “As Canada prepares for recovery, SCC and its work will be critical to the success of the Canadian economy.”

To highlight the impact of standards and conformity assessment, we are launching our 50th Anniversary program. Over the next year, our website will feature various themes to highlight the current and emerging role of standards and conformity assessment, including protecting the planet, health, trade and gender diversity. Each theme will feature the work of Canadians and how it impacts Canada.

Explore this site and follow #SCC50CCN as new content is posted regularly as part of our 50th anniversary program.